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Semiconductor Sales Management - Semiconductor SRM Platform
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SIMS is built on a unique set of administration tools that make setting up SIMS quick and easy.  Typical setup takes less than one week for users to begin getting substantial benefit from SIMS.   PRS works closely with Sales, Operations and Marketing to make sure that your SIMS product is loaded and configured to match the goals of your company.


Roll out strategy and policy setting are the keys to make any system an integral part of a company’s information backbone.  PRS understands that first impressions by the users are key to initial adoption and a successful implementation..  Our PRS team works with the executives, managers and users to understand their end goals and to help map out the most effective policies and role out plan.  PRS then helps support the execution of the plan to the customer’s satisfaction.


SIMS is designed to be 100% administered by the customer.  To that end PRS provides complete user and administration training during the first phases of the rollout.  PRS provides on-demand training of product functions and new features to the designated SIMS administrator, making sure that there is a complete in-house understanding of the power and flexibility SIMS products can provide.

User training is delivered in a variety of methods depending on the needs of the customer and user base.  PRS provides this training to both the customer’s employees and to the customer’s external sales network.  Two rounds of user training, one initial and one follow-up are included with the initial implementation of SIMS.

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SIMS products integrate with many of the current SaaS and On-Premise financial and ERP systems.  Many systems are already pre-integrated and only take initial setup in order to map any custom requirements.  Just some of the many systems that are able to integrate with SIMS are listed here.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Microsoft Dynamics SL Oracle
SAP Lotus Notes Web Services
SOA apps    

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SIMS Administration

Although SIMS is designed to be easily administered by the customer, many small and growing companies would rather focus personnel on their core company objectives.  PRS provides a cost effective SIMS Administration Agreement which utilizes PRS trained and certified administrators to implement your requirements quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

For a fraction of the cost of an internal administrator PRS can become your SIMS internal administrative resource.

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Custom Feature Enhancement

Our SIMS product is designed specifically for the semiconductor market and incorporates many of the features and configurability normally requiring customizations in other CRM packages. 

PRS is always open to new and exciting ideas about adding functionality to SIMS.  If SIMS is your CRM of choice and you need a special feature to handle your specific requirements PRS will work with you to make sure SIMS is a 100% fit for your needs.

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