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Semiconductor Sales Management - Semiconductor SRM Platform
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SIMS Product Overview

Platte River Systems, Inc, has developed a unique Sales and Information Management System that not only contains all the "Best Practices" models of a traditional CRM but has gone Beyond a CRM using next generation information technology which  allows its products to be virtually networked together to form the world's first truly interactive informational Sales and Information Management System (SIMStm) for every member of the sales channel. 

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By providing seamless connectivity between users of the SIMS system, Platte River Systems has enabled Original Equipment Manufactures (OEMs), reps and distributors to use one system to manage their business, decreasing dramatically the time needed for the sales channels to support each OEM line and increasing the ability to provide more sales mindshare to those OEM lines. 

The more OEM semiconductor and component suppliers that use SIMS, the more efficient the distribution of data gets.    Each company that uses SIMS has the ability to provide a "Guest Login" into their SIMS system and control the data that the guests have access to.  This feature can be used for partners or customers and allows each guest to use the system freely, with security limits set by the principal, on their time schedule and with complete control over the data and functions that they can see.

Imagine being able to pull forecasts from your sales network with the push of a button.  Transfer or pull down a POS report from a distributor or OEM any time you need to.  Follow up on a lead or a design potential generated directly off the OEM website without having to wait for spreadsheets or other reports.  You can even have customers look up their own shipment and backlog history. All this can be done with SIMS while taking away this burden on other members of operations, marketing, direct sales force or the extended sales channel. 

Complete Solution

At the core of the software service that PRS provides is the SIMS system.  The SIMS system is designed to be the complete sales front end for any high tech organization and will integrate with most all modern financial or ERP systems both small scale and enterprise level.   It is configured in three different modules to provide the best combination of integration and ROI for each companies requirements. 

Each module can be purchased separately and integrated together as the demands on the sales channel become more complex.  This saves the customer money and allows a "build as you grow" method of investment in the system.

The system is configured to provide the tools that each member of the sales channel needs.  All SIMS services work together across the internet to allow seamless communication and connectivity between each member of the sales channel.  The SIMS system has three basic configurations, one for each sales channel type.


PRS Feature SetSIMS - OEM Companies -  Full featured configuration allowing complete integration with a companies backend systems.  Some of the basic features include the ability to: Track designs from concept to production., quote on designs worldwide and keep track of pricing by project and other measurements.  Manage commission splits for both internal salespeople  and sales channel partners.  Integration with backend systems allows demand forecast generation and forecast performance monitoring by providing shipment/backlog comparisons with the forecast.  All data from the SIMS system and the backend systems can be integrated and presented in ways which suit the requirements of each operational department: Operations, Sales, Marketing, Executive and even the OEMs different sales channels. The result is a more efficient and effective sales force able to provide critical information to the customer and factory real-time.   SIMS by itself can manage an OEMs complete sales channel, customers and partners.

OEM Benefits:

  • Create accurate demand forecasts based on real project data.
  • Identify and service key revenue opportunities before the competition.
  • Manage quotes, margins and Most Favored Nation (MFN) pricing with accuracy and low overhead.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the sales channels by securely providing important information like shipment and backlog data to the field helping them manage forecasting, orders and customer service in realtime.
  • Manage commission splits on a worldwide basis insuring that the correct compensation is administered according to company policy.
  • Seamlessly connect to other channel partners use SIMS to facilitate accurate POS reporting, commissioning, opportunity tracking and design win management.

DSIMS - Distribution - Designed to handle the complex relationships between OEM, Representatives and the Distributor the DSIMS system has all the functionality of the SIMS system but is specifically designed with the needs of the distributor in mind.  Manage cost vs. resale margins, receive leads directly from the OEM or the representative and report the results of the follow up online.  Manage all your product lines on one system.  Forecast business by project or company using your complete line card of products.  Generate quotes that can be monitored and followed up on-line.  DSIMS will connect seamlessly with any user of SIMS and can generate many of the reports or files that are needed by those OEMs that are not using SIMS.  Access can be given to your OEM product lines to be able to use DSIMS to help manage the business and relationship between the distributor and the OEM. ie. registrations, DPAs, POS reporting, leads, etc.

DSIMS increases the efficiency of the distributor’s time invested for each OEM line by:

  • Managing the leads coming into the distributor via the OEM or representative
  • Allowing automated quote processing with approvals if required.
  • Automated the mandatory POS reporting process to OEM manufactures.
  • Managing the effectiveness of each sales person in the distribution firm.
    • Revenue generation
    • Lead follow-up
    • Account penetration
    • Forecasting by sales person and product line
    • BOM penetration
  • Seamless connection to common backend systems like SAP®, Oracle® or Other allowing actual project data to be connected to financial data.
  • On-line reporting to OEMs
    • POS, Inventory, forecast, etc.

RSIMS - Representatives  - A scaled down low cost version of the SIMS package with added features specifically to help the representative firm be as productive with all the product lines it carries.  RSIMS allows complete integration with any OEM company who also uses the SIMS service or distributor who uses DSIMS.  For those OEM companies and distributors  who do not use SIMS the RSIMS package includes the ability to manage OEM leads, forecasts, etc and export the information in the specific format that the OEM company needs.  This dramatically reduces the time needed to manage each line and completely manages the OEMs data requirements on one systems.   Leads and other communication with the distribution network can be shared via RSIMS.

RSIMS also provides OEM and Distribution POS importing allowing automatic sales assignments and internal commissioning, attachment of POS records directly to a design opportunity and the ability to track commissions by project to aid in the ability to get paid for overseas Contract Manufacturing (CEM) and Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) activity.

RSIMS increases the representative’s return on time invested for each OEM line by:

  • Automating the assignment and commissioning of OEM POS reports.
  • Managing OEM forecasts and projects.
  • Forecasting commissions
  • Managing the information necessary for commission splits on a project by process basis
  • Easy access to OEM shipment and backlog information by project.**
  • Receiving and managing leads come directly from the OEMs website.**
  • Managing the effectiveness of each sales person in the representative's firm.
    • Revenue generation
    • Lead follow-up
    • Account penetration
    • Forecasting by sales person and product line
    • BOM penetration
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