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Semiconductor Sales Management - Semiconductor SRM Platform
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PRS Enabled  -The PRS Enabled logo represents an every growing community of semiconductor OEMs, distributors, and rep companies that are joined together via the semiconductor Sales and Information System (SIMS) developed by Platte River Systems. They are dedicated to excellence in communication with their partners and customers throughout the sales process.

PRS Enabled companies, by using SIMS and thereby implementing the best sales and forecasting business practices, are able to share important information in a seamless, easy to manage and time effective way, that results in more design wins, more sales and happier customers.  If you would like a list of PRS Enabled companies, please contact us.

Original Equipment Manufactures - OEMs, are able to transmit sales leads in real time and are able to coordinate design activity, quoting and commission tracking all over the world, no matter which channel the product is purchased through.  SIMS allows each OEM to gather and analyze the data coming from the field to help it make decisions on its design activity, design growth, product acceptance, revenue forecasting and other vital statistics, right from where it all begins; at the customer, by design.  In turn, the OEM can share this data with its channel partners to help improve customer service, sales channel efficiency and promote further design activity and growth through proper commissioning of the design-in location.

Because SIMS is designed as the ultimate semiconductor sales process front-end to any back-end (ERP or Financial) system, SIMS has the ability to bring some or all of that data out into the field and/or to selected customers in a secure, effective and easy to use way.  The data is available 24 hrs a day, seven days a week, in multiple languages and converted to any currency you require. 

All these features make working with or buying from, an OEM manufacturer who displays the PRS Enabled logo a good choice.

Representatives, are  far more efficient with SIMS.  PRS Enabled representatives are able to manage most, if not all, their lines on one system freeing their time for their number one priority, selling.  They can manage leads, design activity, forecasts, quotations and POS information.  They can then open that information up to customers, OEMs and distributors alike, in a secure, need-to-know manner, which enables all partners in the chain to become more efficient and effective. 

Reps can manage leads sent to their distribution partners over the web instead of via large cumbersome spreadsheets.  They can keep forecast and design information in exactly the format that their OEM partners require.  They can receive leads directly from any other PRS Enabled company in real-time, making sure that your leads are followed up immediately before your competition. The representative displaying the PRS Enabled logo is dedicated to making the sales flow and information required to win designs available to its OEM partners on-line.

By choosing a PRS Enabled representative you are choosing a company dedicated to making sure you know exactly what is happening at any given time and being held accountable for their design win performance.  Exactly what you want in a semiconductor representative partner.

Distribution, is a critical part of any high tech sales network.  Until now it has been difficult to know if your distribution channel was creating demand for your product or simply providing a separate but critical product fulfillment function.  Distributors who display the PRS Enabled logo are dedicated to providing the critical resource required to be a true demand creation arm of the sales network.  Working hand-in-hand with their representative partners or working as stocking representatives themselves PRS Enabled distributors are willing to provide  real-time information to their suppliers about design-in activity.

By adopting the PRS SIMS program distributors dramatically enhance their ability to coordinate with suppliers and representatives alike.  The ability to follow up on leads and be accountable for the results is streamlined, enhancing everyone's ability to generate revenue.  The automatic transmittal of POS data to the OEM through the SIMS system allows the OEM to run the end of month numbers on time and keep track of inventory in an easy on-demand way.

Distributors can track overall margins much more effectively by managing weighted costs and resale on a per project basis.  Design registrations are tracked for ease of pricing authorizations by both the OEM and the distributor.

In short, the distributor often finds themselves in the middle of the OEM sales channel bridging the gap between demand creation and product fulfillment.  A distributor who displays the PRS enabled logo is dedicated to doing their best at both and they have the ability to communicate seamlessly with their partners to prove it.  Not much more could be asked from your distribution

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