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Sales Organization Development

The employees and partners of Platte River Systems have vast experience in the development of worldwide sales organizations.  We have experience in the needs of start-up companies as well as multi-billion dollar semiconductor companies.  With executive consultants around the world you will receive the knowledge, experience and contacts of a local expert in semiconductor sales and sales management.

All of our executive sales consultants have at least 15 years experience as direct sales people and executive management.  This enables them to understand the necessity of face-time at the customer as well as the establishment of corporate structure, accountability to the top line revenue and the overall best sales structure and partnerships your company will need to meet your objectives.

Our executive sales consultants have held sales, marketing and business development positions as directors or VPs at:  Cypress Semiconductor, Intel, S3, PLX Technology, Hughes, Texas Instruments, LSI Logic, Actel, as well as various distributors.

PRS can help you develop your sales plan and establish your internal and external sales resources in Asia, North America and EMEA. 

Call or contact us if you:

  • Need to expand and manage your sales presence but do not have the time to hire the experience you need immediately.
  • If you need to set up a representative network or negotiate a partnership with local or global distribution partners
  • Have a specific large customer you would like to engage with but do not have the contacts or experience in the account.
  • Need to develop a sales plan and structure while your product is being developed and getting ready to go to market.
  • Need to expand in a country or specific location rapidly.

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