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Semiconductor Sales Management - Semiconductor SRM Platform
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Platte River Systems, Inc, a Delaware Corporation, was founded in 2004, by a team of semiconductor sales and IT professionals in order to solve a serious and unaddressed problem related to sales and revenue tracking in semiconductor sales channels. That problem is the seamless management of design win tracking, international business transfer and revenue tracking amongst a dynamic market and sales network.

Mission Statement

Increase the revenue and profits of our customers and PRS by unifying the information flow and cooperation between sales channel partners.  PRS will provide the industry's best and most productive sales and revenue management tools which by design will satisfy the unique requirements of each channel.

The Problem

There are massive inefficiencies in the way OEMs, distributors and representatives in the semiconductor sales channel communicate, gather data and present that data in a useful and productive way for each member of the sales chain.

Many companies have tried to solve this problem by creating CRM solutions that solve only one aspect of the problem.  The main focus of these companies has been the management of contact information by the semiconductor manufacture.  They do not address the needs of the sales channel as a whole and actually make the efficiency of these channels worse by forcing the representatives and distributors in the channel to use a different CRM tool for every line they service.  This has created  large overhead in the channel that is not related to the direct design in, sale and revenue gain of anyone's product. It results in inconsistent data flowing up to the OEM and lost business for all parties due to lack of prioritization and response to the customer needs.

In addition to overhead in the channels many of the current systems are designed for generic users and are not focused on the special needs of the 'design in" orientation of the semiconductor market.  This forces each company to customize a generic tool which costs money and further promotes inefficiency in the channels.  Even if some companies have tried to address this market there tools can not be use by everyone in the channel.

The PRS Solution

  • Company focus on high-tech industry needs and solutions.
  • Unique and in-depth experience.
  • Next generation information technology to simplify the complex nature of communication and information requirements

Platte River Systems, Inc., based on its many years of direct experience in providing, implementing and promoting the use of sales and revenue management software to a pre-IPO and a public company, as well as its representatives and distributors worldwide, has designed a new system that truly takes into account all the special requirements that semiconductor and system level manufactures need to manage their sales channels and revenue outlook on a worldwide basis,  with confidence.

The system is designed to make each company that uses it more efficient in the analysis of its own sales and revenue data. It enables immediate response to customer inquiry and provides a unified method of transferring data between members of the sales network without using multiple systems, methodologies, protocols or spreadsheets.  PRS has taken a global approach to providing a superior Sales and Information Management System (SIMS) solution to the market by addressing the following:

1)  Unity of the Complete Sales Channel - The sales channels for semiconductor companies are complex and ever changing.  Achieving and maintaining a companies mindshare amongst its channel partners is difficult.  Simply having a traditional CRM is not enough to make sure your are getting the most out of your sales channel.   Representatives and distributors  are faced with managing different OEM lines everyday. Many times they are required to track and enter data on their company's system, as well as a set of very different CRM systems that OEMs provide.  Many times these systems are simple Excel spreadsheets that are emailed back and forth and provide no real data due the time, inefficiency and priority of the process.

PRS provides
the ability for any company in the sales channel that uses the SIMS system to seamlessly communicate sales data without having to waste time utilizing multiple systems.  This means that the more companies that utilize the power of the SIMS system, the more effective and efficient its potential sales channels become.  No more wasted time inputting data into a variety of systems. No more need to for reps and distributors to develop or modify their own systems to manage the data in their own unique way.  By cutting out this need sales people using the SIMS system can do what they do best, SELL. 

For those companies who what to share their data with their partners who are not using SIMS, they may allow "guest" logins, further enhancing the ability for everyone in the sales channel to take advantage of the SIMS tool, increase efficiency and generate revenue.


2)  Proven "Best Practice" Methodology -  Each sales channel has its own unique way of keeping track of its sales data.  There are different names for the same task, different words for the same stage of design activity, different ways to gather the same data.  Many of these differences do not need to exist but are reinforced by the sales tools or language that the sales group uses.  Some of these methodologies are good and effective.  Some are not.

PRS provides Sales and Information Management tools that take advantage of the many methods that companies use to gather and manage data.  For over 6 years PRS founders and advisors have been working with thousands of users and hundreds of companies from all aspects of the sales channel.  PRS has taken the inputs from those channels and developed a best practices model that all members of the channel can use.  By solidifying on a standard language and methodology, representatives, distributors and OEMs alike can work together in the most efficient ways possible.  Forecasts become meaningful,  Trip reports become consistent.  Trends become predicable and useful.  Sales people know what their priorities are.

Where custom requirements need to be addressed, like the ability to look at data in a specific way,  the SIMS system allows each user to do that via its highly flexible interface.

3)  System and IT management:  -  Many companies do not have the MIS staff or the ability to create custom solution to address their needs.  If they do, they must maintain that solution from both a hardware and software perspective.  Maintaining this infrastructure is a very costly proposition and many companies spend $300,000 dollars per year or more in salaries, licenses and systems and opportunity costs.

PRS provides a totally hosted or Software as a Service Model for its customers.  This means that PRS supplies all the systems, licenses, maintenance and support required.  Your MIS department does not have to provide any resources to support the SIMS system from PRS.  The PRS licensing model allows small companies to gain access to enterprise class services for a fraction of the cost of of traditional CRMs and also allows large companies to pay for only those individuals who use the system while freeing up critical IT resources for other corporate tasks. In both cases the return on investment is high and the cost is minimal.

All systems are located in a highly secure facility that sits on the backbone of the internet to insure high speed access and availability.  Customers data is backed up on a regular basis and stored in a secure facility off site.   The systems and network are fully redundant and are monitored by highly trained MIS personnel on a 24/7 basis to insure that any issues with the systems are handled immediately guaranteeing  that you have access to your data from anywhere in the world at any time.

Platte River Systems Credentials

The principal architects and developers of the SIMS system have a total of 85 years of software development, sales, marketing and operational management experience.  The principal developers have extensive software development expertise in mission critical systems and application software tools.  Positions held by the principals include.  CEO, President, VP Marketing, VP Worldwide Sales, VP Business Development, Director of European Operations, Director Software Engineering and VP of Information Technology.  All these executive positions and the prior positions that lead to them, were with high technology software, systems or semiconductor companies.

Those companies include: Intel, Unisys, Silicon Graphics, S3 ,LSI Logic, PLX Technology, Sperry-Univac, Kubota Graphics, Gould, Quantum, GlobalSight.
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